NHL Lexus Lounge


Creating envy-inducing custom trading cards with Lexus


Team One, the experiential agency that partners with Lexus, approached us to provide our custom trading card service at a number of NHL games during the 2017-2018 season. Working with hockey teams that have a sponsored Lexus Lounge in their arena, the goal was to provide a unique takeaway for VIP fans as a way to reward their dedication to the team. In addition, the back of the card was going to be used to promote local Lexus dealerships in each region, giving the fan takeaway the added bonus of being a piece of marketing material.


We provided Lexus and the select NHL teams in Tampa Bay, Ft. Lauderdale and Nashville with custom branded photo booth kiosks, as well as custom backdrops that made it look like guests were standing right on the ice. Each team also had a variety of props — jerseys, sticks, gloves, helmets, and more — to let fans suit up and create a realistic final product. We printed and produced the trading cards using our tried and true process — which we unabashedly claim is the fastest and highest quality final product in the industry. Not only did guests get a physical trading card, but also had the ability to share and post their image online as well, allowing them to show it off to undoubtedly jealous friends and family members.

Overall, the activations were considered a success, with future league and team collaborations expected in the future.

  • Client: Lexus
  • Event: NHL Lexus Lounges
  • Service: Trading Cards
  • Location: Various Arenas
  • More Info: customtrading.cards
Lexus custom trading cards with the Nashville Predators

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