About SUM XP

Not your average photo booth company

We’ve been in the photo booth game for over a decade, and have worked across the globe at some of the biggest events for some of the top brands around. However, even after all of that, we take a lot of pride in calling ourselves a boutique operation. Offering unique photo booth solutions and a personal touch to each and every event, our primary goal is to truly be an extension of your brand and to create a fun experience and lasting, positive memories for your guests.

We are designers and photographers that banded together to bring the best of both worlds to events. As creatives, the final product is always of importance to us, and we’ll use any method in our arsenal to provide you with our best. If that means live-Photoshopping images for an entire 5-day convention, we’ll do that — actually, we have done that. Numerous times.

Whether it’s a traditional service or a custom project  — we really like challenges, by the way — we at SUM XP look forward to working with you on your next event.

photo booth at the Warcraft movie premiere for Blizzard Entertainment
baseball card photo booth at the MLB All-Star Game


Our roots are in design, and it’s an important aspect in everything we do. Whether it’s the attention to detail or the understanding of a client’s vision, we aim to wow — not only every guest — but everyone we work with as well.



With all photography, whether it’s a straight forward set-up or complex green screen, lighting is key. We bring that mantra to our work, adding directional and special effect lighting to create the most flattering or realistic lighting possible.



Virtual reality (VR), complex animations, RFID or another advanced technology, we’re happy to bring it to your next event. We also have a complete analytics system to help deliver post-event information, so you can actually see how many guests used all of these new technologies.



We have numerous clients that we’ve worked with consistently for over a decade, and that all comes down to the service we provide. Our goal is to bring our best to each event, allowing brands to connect with consumers in fun and memorable ways.

Want to bring SUM XP to your next event?