We’ve had the chance to collaborate with NBC and help them promote some of their series at events across the US, and when there’s the opportunity to provide an NBC Chicago photo booth that promotes Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago PD, there’s one city to do that in. I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now — Chicago.

Appearing at a mega-AT&T store in downtown you-know-where, we set up a green screen photo booth that allowed guests to virtually join the cast of their favorite show. It’s a technique we’ve used in the past (like the one where you could stand alongside The Rock in Furious 7), where we aim to match the scale and color treatment of the overall scene.

Fans lined up for a chance to “join the cast” of the hit NBC Chicago dramas, where they received a free 4×6 print and were able to share the images to themselves digitally.

Green screen can be used in a number of different ways, but whenever it suspends belief for a moment and causes you to do a double-take to figure out which was is the actual guest in the photo is one of our favorite ways to use the technology, and this NBC Chicago photo booth did just that.

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