Red, white and blue, weren’t the only colors we were seeing during Fourth of July weekend. We repped the purple for Twitch’s mega booth + jumbotron + vip lounge + gaming + basically everything epic at RTX!

For those who aren’t familiar with it, RTX is an annual event held by Rooster Teeth, where gaming and the internet intersect. Check out Forbes’ prep list for reference. Among the sea of gaming stations and merch booths, RTX debuted the newest games on the market, had thoughtful speaker discussions, and showcased gaming personalities.

The event itself was awesome because RTX is based out of Austin, and it was great to work with a fun local company right here in our hometown. The Twitch booth was the ultimate, holy grail of exhibits on the show floor. Our photo booth was positioned front and center on the stage where guests could come up, take a series of photos that turned into a GIF, and have a printed souvenir of it to take home.

Adam Kovic of Twitch fame at RTX Austin 2016
Adam Kovic stopped by the Twitch booth.


Gus from RoosterTeeth talking with Palmer Luckey about VR at RTX in Austin
Gus Sorola interviewing Palmer Luckey on VR. Luckey gave us insight into the next level of VR; full-sensory immersion. 


For the most part we were at the booth the entire show, but Chase Erwin and The Austin Chronicle nailed the other highlights. With 60,000 attendees this year, one can only expect that RTX will get more massive, and pull out all the bells and whistles on an even more massive scale. Can’t get enough? Be expecting the unexpected in Sydney, Australia for RTX 2017 and back here in Austin for the hometown gathering.

Did we mention we travel internationally work? G’day mate — just wanted to make that clear, Rooster Teeth.