ESPN concluded its last X Games in Austin at the Circuit of Americas this June. Guys, this might be arbitrary, but I’m as sad as the ‘Kim Crying Face’ right now.

crying kim kardashian


X Games Photo Booth – Rain or Shine, It’s Go Time

This year, we did a collaboration with ESPN x AT&T Gigapower providing a green screen X Games photo booth. Despite the outdoor setting and treacherous weather (we had to evactuate twice), we had a ton of guests come in for their chance to take a photo. Dealing with the weather wasn’t an easy feat, but being prepared and having backup equipment on-site made it easier than a backside heelflip. Attendees got their own chance to be action sports athletes in front of the State Capitol. As you can see, people really got into it.

green screen photo booth samples from x games 2016 in austin

We can’t put into words how the entire X Games experience was.

  • Besides our epic X Games photo booth activation, Skype rounded up the best highlights of X Games 2016.
  • HTC Vive kept it vivid and live with their unreal showcase of VR entertainment. Check their vid for the highlights.
  • The legend, Dave Mirra was rightfully honored with his own BMX Park Best Trick Competition. His introduction speech is a small elaboration of how he transformed freestyle BMX riding; serious feels on the heartstrings.

One of the contending cities that made their bid public is Minneapolis, MN, but we’ll see where next year’s edition lands. This is goodbye to the X Games in Austin, but we hope to join you again in 2017, wherever that may be.