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What’s next for Instagram?

Video Carousels, of course.

Initially, Instagram started off with picture carousels where users could swipe through images. Now, the social media platform has sweetened that concept by adding videos into the mix. Brands, bloggers and influencers can now add a montage of pictures + videos to get more attraction, views and favorable (or unfavorable) interaction in the allotted advertising space.

Transworld Business tells why horizontal advertising works:


instagram carousels for video

“To help businesses showcase multiple sides of their products and/or company, Instagram launched Video Carousels, giving brands more horizontal advertising flexibility, and avoiding cluttering the app.”

Ready to step up your game? Portada-Online shares Yahoo’s cues on video marketing:

Yahoo’s Video Creative Best Practices:

  • Larger logos deliver higher brand metrics than smaller logos, and even more so for Millennials.
  • CTA’s should be included in video ads, as they generate increases in lower-funnel metrics such as Purchase Intent and Brand Recommendation.
  • The brand should be introduced at any point in the video ad. Key brand metrics are not impacted whether the brand is introduced in the beginning, middle, or end of the video.
  • Different ad tones should be employed to drive Millennials down the purchase funnel.
  • Video ads must be optimized for screen alignment.Horizontal is more effective at increasing familiarity and purchase intent when compared to the relatively newer vertical portrait ads.
  • :30 ads in pre-roll formats as they drive higher aided recall, affinity, purchase intent, and recommendations
  • :15 native video ads drive greater recall and purchase intent than longer video units.
  • When it comes to native, auto-start ads drive a slight increase in brand affinity and outperforms user-initiated ads in recall and fixation.

Not convinced yet? TechCrunch breaks down the stats for us:


“Instagram tells me the photo carousels have already “seen solid results.” And with video the biggest craze in marketing, now it can feature more moving ads without destroying the flow of organic content. Video viewing on Instagram grew 40% between August and February.”

What do we think?

As a photo activation company, providing a service that is very visually-driven, visual perception is only the beginning.

No matter which mode of advertisement you choose to use, the storyline should be simple in concept, rich in context, and give users meaning and value. At the end of the day, SUM XP always strives to provide that model through vividly engaging, thought-provoking photo booth setups.

Want to learn more? We’re game for anything!

Images Courtesy of L2 Inc., Portada-Online and TechCrunch