Whether you pronounce GIF with a hard g-sound or like the peanut butter “Jif,” I think we can all agree on one thing; these short, motion-looping videos are now prevalent throughout the Digital Marketing Age and making an inescapable appearance in similar fashion to Justin’s reemergence…

Game of Thrones Season Premiere *SPOILER ALERT*

If you haven’t watched the season premiere of Game of Thrones, don’t watch the episode recap in GIF form. If you don’t have HBO GO or TorrentLeech, GOT’s series of GIFs helps readers connect to the storyline better than any aural or textual form. Fans are able to be emotionally filled with anger, excitement and sadness all at once. Why all the work? GIFs can help brands tell a clear, visual story. Visual and emotional appeal help bond memories, creating a lasting, strong impression that can either lead to: 1) a Men of the Night’s Watch Party equipped with archery, debauchery and deceit or 2) I hate Game of Thrones, but I can’t stop talking about it. I prefer the first choice.

Somersby Citrus Cider’s 24-hour Live, GIF Stream

Today, Portugal-brand Somersby Citrus Cider wrapped up a live, 24-hour GIF stream of Lord Somersby receiving real-time feedback from viewers being able to choose who or what appears next. Although, it is unreasonable (but highly suggested) to binge-watch Lord Somersby for an entire 24 hours, the marketing campaign tactic helps convert curious potentials into loyal brand promoters. Viewers are able to drink coffee, hang out with friends or ‘Netflix and Chill’ while watching the live GIF stream, which makes the campaign even more enticing and easily reachable to a mass audience. Instant gratification, customized interaction and personable communication is something that most millennials cherish and that definitely isn’t skimmed on when it comes to video-based marketing, advertising and social media.

Boomerang for Instagram

Boomerang enables Instagrammers to immediately capture moments and post them in high resolution video loops. One of the reasons why visual marketing is so effective on Instagram is that 65% of individuals are visual learners. When we see thought-provoking images, our brain pairs it with meaningful content that’s stored as long-term memory. Influencers, brands, and companies are able to determine where they’re strengths, weaknesses, and how well they are received from follows, likes and comments. In combination, Instagram and GIFs are like Justin Timberlake and his curly, bleached-blonde hair because they are both give memorable impressions, evoke immediate responses and never gets old when seeing.

When looking for something to entertain your guests with, don’t just settle for any photo booth GIF service. Make sure that service adds value not only to your big event, but brand as well. Any experience associated with your event is an extension of your image and we seek to fully offer that to you. Let us help you create a design-driven photo booth activation that clearly tells a story, evokes excitement in your brand, and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.


+ Multiple GIF variations to suit your event atmosphere and add to your brand

+ We work with you on concepts to build customized designs that clearly tell your story

+ User brand interaction where GIF-takers can immediately share onto their social media sites

+ Printable version of GIF is available as a high-resolution photo

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