Once the bane of MySpace pages across the world (admit it, you had a ton of sparkly animated stickers all over your page), GIFs have received a new lease on life in the age of Tumblr, memes and a subject near and dear to us — photo booths.

Animated GIFs have become one of most popular offerings in the world of photo booths, normally just a single static background with a few photos repeated in rapid succession. Well, you know us here at SUM XP. If we’re going to offer a particular service type, we’re REALLY going to offer it.

With that in mind, we’ve developed 5 distinct animated offerings that you’re welcome to incorporate into your next event — Static, Dynamic, Cinematic, Burst or Morph.

  • Static: a still background with multiple photos
  • Dynamic: an animated background and/or foreground with multiple photos
  • Cinematic: a slightly animated background with a single photo and animated effects
  • Burst: an infinitely looping animation that automatically reverses
  • Morph: change into the subject of your choice

Want more info on how we can bring any of these to your next event? Just get in touch and let us know how we can deliver some animated action.

Sorry, we just had to.