In this industry, enemy #1 is what every one of you have in your pocket – your phone. As technology evolves, phones become increasingly more powerful image processors. Apps like Prisma and Enlight are powerful tools unto themselves, offering looks that the majority of photo booths find hard to replicate (present company excluded, obviously). And of course Snapchat brought humanity Lenses — something Instagram now offers — and more recently World Lenses, offering a more advanced augmented reality experience for things other than your face.

These augmented reality tools have been used by a handful of photo booth companies, mostly with “lens” type of experiences, because most AR requires a specific app to display the technology, and what client is going to tell hundreds or thousands of their guests that they need to download an app to view a photo. Spoiler alert: just about no one will download the app, sorry.

With that being said, what’s next in the world of AR, and what technology will the photo booth industry be scratching and clawing to integrate into their offerings?

Well, we think we found it.

A new AI/AR software developed by a team in the Czech Republic can masterfully project just about any art style from a source image to the face of a guest in real time. That’s probably the blandest way to describe this digital wizardry, so just take a look at the following clip, and place your bets on either Instagram or Snapchat as to who buys them out first.