We started as Super Ultra Mega Booth, a weird green screen company with an equally weird name.

After realizing that no one wanted to type superultramegabooth into their browser — we don’t blame them — we shortened the name to SUM Booth, partly as an homage to the combination — the sum — of our design and photography, a math-based pun that went over the heads of pretty much everyone outside of Elon Musk and Bill Nye. Also, there was the bonus of when someone asked what company we were, our reply sounded like, “uhh, some booth.”

In the continual evolution of what still remains in many ways a weird green screen company, we now present <drumroll> <horns sound> < three people gasp> —


Why the name change? Just as SUM was first used as a verbal shortcut, the XP follows that lead. XP stands for experience. The SUM Experience. Not just the <checks calendar> now over 11 years of experience in the industry, but also the experience we aim to provide at all of the events we’re a part of. It may be a green screen experience, an animation experience, a video experience — whatever it is, the experience matters.

Plus, we’ve worked enough video game related events to know that it takes experience (aka XP) to level up.

The experience starts when the client reaches out, contracts are finalized, and the design process starts. It continues when we arrive on-site at the event, set up, and start interacting with guests. It doesn’t just end with the final product that folks walk away with at the end of the event, it continues with the analytics and critical information we deliver post-event.  It’s all of that, and so much more.

We hope you enjoy the newest evolution of the SUM Experience and all that it entails. We’re excited about the future, and hope all of you reading this are a part of that future, either as a client or a guest at an event.